Long Term Care Insurance

Our clients approaching or are in retirement tell us healthcare expenses and costs associated with nursing home or adult care are part of their primary concerns,  Most have seen their relatives or friends face expenses they may not have prepared for.  The cost of Long Term Care is very expensive and using your savings to fund that expense may not be the best solution.  We prefer to allocate a portion of your portfolio to fund those expenses.

Long Term Care Insurance should be a part of your portfolio allocation.  It should no longer be considered an expense.  We utilize new products offered from several companies that will lock in your policy costs and your premiums never increase.  We work closely with a team of Long Term Care specialists to provide us with the latest most cost efficient Long Term Care policies available in the market.  

The policies we utilize offer guaranteed rates of return and tax free reimbursements for qualified LTC expenses.  There is no deductible or waiting period.  If you pass away and do not use any LTC benefits our policies can provide income tax free death benefits.  If for some reason you change your mind, you can receive up to 80% of your paid premiums .


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